About Us

What we do?

Lancaster University Film Production (LUFP) are a Lancaster University society whose main aim is to make short films. As a society we make a number of short films every year, this year we plan on making 7 short films as we did last year. Usually our members work on just one of our 7 short films each taking on a role of their choice. We do everything ourselves from screenplay writing, to acting, editing, directing, producing, sound design, cinematography, marketing and composing. Our short films give our members the opportunity to learn more about film making and videography, and a chance to practice and improve their skills. We also host a range of training workshops for our members helping them grow as filmmakers. At the end of the year we premiere our films at a local cinema, for the past 2 years it has been The Dukes, following our films premiere we then release them onto YouTube on our channel: www.youtube.com/c/LancasterUniversityFilmProductionlufp

On top of our short films we also provide videography, photography and editing services for local businesses, charities and societies. For this we look to our most talented members to ensure we provide the best service possible. We provide our services at a very affordable price allowing smaller businesses to market their brand effectively. We really love getting stuck into every project we undertake so are always happy to help come up with ideas on top of executing them. If you wish to look at some of our commercial work feel free to visit the ‘our work‘ page or if you wish to get in contact with us about working on a project with you visit the ‘hire us‘ page.

Meet the Exec


The executive committee (exec) are responsible for running the society, organising everything that goes on. The exec are democratically elected by the members of the society every year and we will be the ones you’re talking to when ever you email, or message the society.